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    Versti aprašą atgal į anglų Jungtinė Karalystė. Vertėjas xFolio is an app that will help you track your Bitcoin or altcoin portfolio.

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    Why would your crypto assets need tracking? It is hard to keep track of all the crypto one keeps in different places.

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    On the one hand, many users have accounts on multiple exchanges and wallets across various blockchains; on the other, ICO investors and token holders want to always know the current price of their assets. Crypto trackers emerged to make life easier for both categories of users, displaying all their coin balances on a single screen.

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    As soon as you enter a blockchain address or exchange account into the app, all your crypto will be automatically displayed and frequently updated, without any further effort on your part!

    Different exchanges have different rates — and often even different tickers for the same coin.

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    Xfolio puts things in order and takes account of many other small issues. Thus, it is understandable that many crypto holders are unwilling to link their blockchain wallets hitbtc life token exchange accounts to their email addresses and social media pages.

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    Xfolio caters to them, too: you can create an account using nothing but a login and a password!